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The approach to study immunogenetics, was based on a vision that was initiated in Leiden The Netherlands by Prof. J.J. van Rood.  Multidisciplinary activities were linked by clinical researchers interested in the understanding of the pathogenesis, different clinical presentations and evolution of diseases where chronic inflammation and autoimmunity plays a predominant role to the study of genetic polymorphisms. From 1992 till 2005 clinical researchers working in different fields of clinical medicine used the rudimentary but then original tools to understand these polymorphisms in prognosis with the aim to contribute to the management of these diseases. The great impact of new technology in genetics and computational science and the possibility to obtain big data to refine the significance of variation made the original approach obsolete and a new approach has been made necessary.

The study of immunogenetics in infectious diseases has so far concentrated mainly on the study of Chlamydia Trachomatis, an extremely common contagious disease to serve as a model to the study of genetic variants in the clinical presentation and prognosis in infectious disease. To stimulate this area of research annual Chlamydia meetings were organised as well and have stimulated significant national and international collaborations with the resulting publications. For reasons of changes in the organization, such as the fusion between the VUmc and AMC and allocation of staff the last six years and the coming future is this area of study of infectious disease the main focus of immunogentics.nl 


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