Jolein Pleijster, BASc

Senior research technician

Jolein is born on the 15th of January 1976 in Utrecht. In 1994 she started with the Hoge laboratorium opleiding (medical biotechnology) in Utrecht. She finished here study in 1999. For here internship she worked from February 1998 till December 1998 at the University of Amsterdam at the EC Slater Institute, Department of Biochemistry under supervision of Professor K. van Dam, PhD and L.M. Raamsdonk, PhD. She worked during this period at “The effect of mitochondrial F1Fo·ATP-synthase activity on metabolism and growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.” In May 1999 she started as a research technician at the Department of Molecular Pathology (VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam) under supervision of Professor J.M.M. Walboomers, PhD till February 2000 and later under supervision of Dr. A.J.C. van den Brule and Dr. P.J.F. Snijders. The research was focussed on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in relation to cervical cancer in a large screening program among women in Amsterdam. In addition, she worked on the epidemiology of HPV infections, a study (WHO-HPV-Survey-Study) together with the World Health Organisation (WHO). From December 2001 she works as a research technician at the Laboratory of Immunogenetics on the Immunogenetics of infectious diseases (VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam).